Name Francesco Antonello Ferraro
Graduation Software Engineer
Birthdate 12/30/1987
Location Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil

Professional Summary

Fluent English speaker and Linux user for +15 years with intrinsic conteinerized devOps knowledge. Although academically graduated as a Civil Engineer; I have been coding full stack professionally for the past 5 years. Working server-side with Golang, C# & Java whilst doing mainly React on the front end. Hit me up, let's write tomorrow's web today.


ONNi |2016 - 2018|

Full Stack Developer - React + Golang & DevOps - Kubernetes

Vnda Ecommerce |2020~|

Frontend Engineer

D3 :~: |2019:2020|

Backend Developer C#

B2BReservas |Checkout Project|

Fullstack Developer - Graphql Java + React

Tramontina/Ayga |Guru Project|

Mobile Tester


Bachelor's - Civil Engineer :Graduated 2013:

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre

MBA - Construction Management :Graduated 2014:

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Bachelor's - Software Enginee :~:   2017

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre