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Aug 31, 2016
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I have been coding a lot for the past two years. And by crazy I mean at least a little bit everyday, but often all my spare time. Not usually for work, except for a few freelance jobs I have successfully landed, but for FUN. Yes, coding is awesome and I will explain why. I currently work as a on-site Civil Engineer. I have studied quite a bit to get where I am, but the job has become very repetitive with very few new things to learn. Except for the increasing responsibility, Civil Engineering put my brain on hold.

Developing demands me to learn everyday. And even when not coding I get myself thinking about a problem I have faced before. I might not be the oldest web developer, but I have seen angular2 be born. I have paid attention to ECMA 2016 and eagerly wait everyday for some PR to land on some random repositories I use on Github. Its a rush, things evolve and I might be a part of it if I will. So after hearing the quote

"Do what you love, and you will never have to work again"

I have decided to follow a career at Software Development. I am trying to get back at UFRGS, my former university, to graduate as a Computer Engineering, but, for now, still keep my Civil job in order to make a living. The 3 main reason I decided to write this blog are:

Self reference

I need a place to store all awesome things I get to discover everyday, and make sure the future me will have that resource available no matter what.


I have been spending quite a long time learning Vim, Gulp, Golang, UNIX concepts an etc to become a top-class developer. But there is no way to make people know how good I am except for sharing some code I wrote and use everyday. This blog is a vehicle for that as well as some open-source project I run and some PR i send to popular repositories.

Write better English

I have done a Construction Management Extension course at UCLA. And to be able to enroll I had to take a TOEFL test, which is a English proficiency test. I got A real high score, but my writing skill pulled my average down a bit. So I here wiling to write a bit more, to be a better developer.

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